Kamala Harris doesn’t understand the importance of entering our country legally.

At this point, that’s the only conclusion we can draw, other than she desperately wants these folks to be legal citizens in time to vote for her in 2020 because you KNOW she is thinking about running for president.

Dreamers are not Americans, Kamala.

One must be a legal citizen to be considered as such, and no amount of posturing or claiming otherwise will change that. Perhaps we should focus on helping the people who are doing it the right way, to get through the process first because our immigration system is a bureaucratic, bloated nightmare full of red tape. We know, actually admitting the problem is the system and not evil, racist Republicans isn’t as easy to campaign on, but it’s the reality of what needs to happen.


It’s fascinating as well, how Kamala pretends Trump didn’t actually offer the Democrats what they wanted already:

Democrats have no shame, otherwise, they’d be Republicans.

Because they’re not serious, if they were they’d have dealt with this back when they had a majority under Obama.

This is just more fodder for campaigning.

‘Nuff said.


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