If Nancy Pelosi is anything, it’s consistent.

Consistent with sending out really bad tweets.

Consistent with reminding everyone she’s completely out of touch with the people she’s supposed to represent.

Consistent with being the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans.

Take for example her latest tweet about #ABetterDeal:

Nancy is right about one thing, Americans are tired of empty, pro-Middle Class rhetoric, but she’s not right about where it’s coming from. Someone desperately needs to get this woman a mirror.

For example, does she really think Americans are tired of tax cuts?

That’s not rhetoric, Nan, that’s action.

Ruh-Roh, Nancy. Seems even the Democrats are less than impressed with her latest tweet.

Sadly ‘this crap’ is really all they have.


We like our lower taxes too.

Double ouch.

This went well, Nancy.

Keep pushing your ‘better deal,’ seems your base is super into it.



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