You’d think these ‘outlets’ would learn a thing or two from CNN’s mistake when they went after a young man for creating a meme of Donald Trump beating them up … but nope.

Daily Beast discovered Pamela Geller’s daughters, who she has likely been keeping anonymous to protect them because there are a lot of people who may want to do her harm and her family, and they couldn’t WAIT to break the story!

But you know, anything for a scoop, right?

Is it just us or does this young lady seem TOTALLY PSYCHED to expose Geller’s daughters?


We get what they’re doing, they think they’re proving her daughters are embarrassed by her, so they hide. But if they’d have bothered to see the number of threats Geller gets on a daily (hourly?) basis MAYBE they’d have realized this was a mistake.

Then again, it is the Daily Beast.

What they said.

Pretty weak, yup.

Let’s not pretend they really care.

Clicks and taps, baby.

But they’re super embarrassed by her and stuff! STORY! ELEVENTY!


Might be onto something here.

Editor’s note: This post has been corrected. 


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