We can’t help noticing that the Left is MORE than happy to throw their rights away in order to feel safer from bad guys who don’t actually care about the law. Take for example, this ‘woman’ (we don’t want to assume gender and get yelled at here), who was upset that she didn’t know basic TSA rules and had to give up her toothpaste.

Who thinks like this? The TSA took her toothpaste so her immediate reaction is to make it political about the shooting in Florida? Not only THAT, but she thought enough to send it to Chris Cuomo who in turn thought enough of her situation to grandstand and compare Florida to 9/11.

Don’t look at us, we just work here.

Flying isn’t a right, Chris. Neither is flying with toothpaste.

Owning a gun is.

This ain’t rocket science.

Pretty dumb is putting it mildly.

And yet they sure do complain a lot about the little things, say like TSA taking their toothpaste.


That’s what irritates gun rights advocates, that the Left NEVER really wants to talk about what happened or what actually led to the incident. Instead, they treat them as convenient vehicles to push narrative and advocate for an agenda that takes rights away from law-abiding Americans.

And then when it happens again (because nothing was done the last time) they go RIGHT BACK to their old arguments of blaming the NRA and accusing Conservatives of having blood on their hands.

We present to you, ladies and gents, CNN.


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