Oh look, The Atlantic wrote a silly article pretending it doesn’t know why corporations are ‘turning against’ the NRA. As if they didn’t really know …

Gosh. Could it be that the Left is exploiting young people who have just survived a tragedy to push their agenda, narrative, and ideas? We’ve always known they aren’t above using ‘the children’ to pander for power and votes, but THIS has been exceptionally gross. They know anyone who speaks out against these ‘kids’ will be told to, ‘Stop picking on these kids,’ and, ‘You hate children,’ or the ugliest we’ve seen, ‘You want children to die.’

Gross, right?

And The Atlantic has the gall to ask WHY corporations are turning tail and hiding.

The Left has been ‘boycotting’ corporations and people for years, step out of line and they’ll do their best to not only destroy you but take away everything and everyone you hold dear. Remember the Mozilla CEO who supported traditional marriage and was forced to resign? When they went after Duck Dynasty? Hannity?

It has become their M-O.

C’mon, man. Tom Nichols is someone we have always respected, it’s hard to see him call the NRA a, ‘radical organization.’ What’s so radical about supporting the Second Amendment and standing up against a media (both social and traditional) that has become the judge and jury?

And ask FedEx whose value rose over $600 MILLION dollars yesterday.

Ask the NRA who had half a MILLION new memberships over the weekend.

People are sick and tired of the social media mob trying to destroy organizations, companies, and other people. You think they’d have learned their lesson with Chick Fil A years and years ago.


So much for the boycott: The value of FedEx rose by over $640,000,000 yesterday