For the last eight days, we have watched the media milk the tragedy at Parkland High School for clicks and taps while creating super-activists out of high school kids who should be spending this time mourning and healing, not being used to perpetuate an agenda.

If you could sit through the town hall last night, time and time again these young people blamed the NRA for the gunman’s actions … so it’s no surprise that NRA spokesman Colion Noir filmed this spot to punch back, and hit the media right in the teeth:

‘These kids have a microphone in their faces before they even see their parents.’


Many people on Noir’s thread were upset with him for this video, claiming that it was harsh, blood-thirsty, violent … you name it. But he’s not wrong about the part the media plays after a mass shooting, and how they cover the gunman. Think about it. We all know the gunman’s name from the shooting last week (notice we’re not using it), but how many of us can name the victims who lost their lives OTHER than the coach and the JROTC hero the media ‘sort of’ covered?

Noir’s words are harsh but fair. He speaks to the violence in Chicago that goes unnoticed by national media, and points to the fact that it’s not the right type of story, the lives lost won’t bring in the clicks and taps. But a suburban high school? They are indeed just like vultures.

Truth hurts.


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