What a gutless toad.

Piers Morgan was big and bad talking trash about Dana Loesch during the CNN Town Hall last night, so big and bad in fact that he did not tag her in this horrible and vile tweet in which he made a very personal and ugly attack on her:

And he didn’t have the nards to even tag her so she could defend herself.


Right? Not only do these people seem to think the NRA is somehow responsible for a monster shooting people, they think the NRA sells guns too.


If Dana is the face of the NRA why WOULDN’T we want to be members? She’s brilliant, tough, lovely and fearless … the perfect example indeed of a powerful woman. No wonder Piers is simpering over his bangers and mash in a subtweet, he’s probably terrified of her.

And to do it in a subtweet.

Weak. Weak. Weak.

He just knows that guns go pew pew pew and that Dana Loesch supports the Second Amendment.

They have been doing an AWFUL lot of projecting for the last … oh … 30 years or so.



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