Man, you can tell midterms are coming up because Democrats are looking for anything they can use for talking points and agenda items to run on, especially since they all voted against the very popular GOP tax cut bill that put lots and lots of money back into Americans’ pockets and the economy in general.

This is why we see them exploiting these poor high school kids pushing gun control and fighting for DACA (to save the children) … oh, and that silly Russian talking point that has all but been debunked by their boy Mueller at this point.

Lucky for them, Dan Bongino is a giving sort and has come up with a campaign slogan for Democrats:

You know what, we like it.

Short, sweet and to the point.

Especially that hashtag.


Ooooh, that works too!

Nancy Pelosi is the best thing to ever happen to the Republican Party.

A sound concept, but it’s a little clunky.

Sung to the song, ‘My Sharona.’ Crumbs, collusion!


Everyone’s a critic.

Which makes it even more perfect.


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