Oh look, another Deadspin editor played ‘big tough guy’ from the safety of his computer or device. Remember, these are the same yahoos who challenged Ted Cruz supporters to a fistfight and then ran like little girls when UFC fighter Tim Marchman took them up on the offer.

But tell us more about how gun owners are cowards, Barry:


It gets better.

Yes, people who arm themselves to protect their loved ones are total bullies.

If we rolled our eyes any further back into our head they’d be in our neighbor’s house.


Spoken like a guy whose testicles have yet to drop. Way to go, Deadspin!

Oh snap.

But crossbows! Trump! White privilege!

As a rule, most Deadspin editors are denser than a bag of flour at the bottom of the ocean.

That too.

Wonder if Barry asked his boss Ted Cruz if it was ok to talk smack about gun owners on Twitter?


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