CNN’s #StudentsStandup Town Hall was a seemingly biased crap-fest of gun control harpies screeching at gun rights advocates in what seemed like a fairly well-executed plot by CNN to push their agenda. Dana Loesch and Marco Rubio walked into the Lion’s Den, knowing full-well that the odds were stacked against them … seems though no one had any real idea of how stacked those odds were.

Colton Haab, a Douglas High School student, member of the JROTC and a hero who saved countless lives last week claims CNN wanted him to ask questions, but when they saw his questions about school safety and promoting the idea of armed security at the school, they allegedly ‘scripted’ his question instead:

Did CNN really ‘script’ #StudentsStandUp Town Hall?


It wasn’t a Town Hall, it was a gun control promotion.

Of course, we all know it will have the opposite effect and gun sales will likely skyrocket over the next seven days … nobody provides better marketing for gun sales than gun grabbers.

We already knew CNN was doing this by the way they’ve been pushing and exploiting these high school kids for the last week.

But hearing a student claim they wanted him to read a scripted question? Especially a student who saved lives and supports gun rights?

And they wonder why we call them ‘fake news.’

—- UPDATE —-

CNN is denying they provided scripted questions for their Town Hall:

Because you know, CNN has NEVER provided questions ahead of time … right, Donna Brazile?


TFW CNN is indistinguishable from Alyssa Milano’s anti-NRA cheerleading

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