Isn’t it adorable how Adam Schiff is using Trump ‘attacking’ him to campaign?

And by adorable we mean sad, whiny and TOTALLY predictable.

We were curious to see what exactly happens when you ‘have Adam’s back,’ so we went to his site and entered some dummy info:

FYI, we’re not sure ‘’ actually offers email but that would be epic.

Then, once you’ve signed on to have his back, this is what you get:

So basically if you want to have his back, you better pay up.


Like us, James Woods seemed less than impressed with Schiff’s whining that Trump is picking on him (to raise money), and he had this to say:



Hey, we didn’t write it. Ok, so we used it in this article but can you blame us? We’d be lying if we said we don’t look for these tweets from James because they are always spot on.

Never read James’ timeline when you’re drinking anything.

But that’s MEEEEEEAN.


Wonder when Schiff will try raising money because James Woods was mean to him?


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