Jake Tapper is probably the ‘fairest’ anchor CNN has, which sadly isn’t saying a whole lot but it’s true. We’ve been able to cover Tapper defending the GOP or various policies when the Left goes more bonkers than usual, and while it’s rare, it does happen.

But this smug, sanctimonious tweet lecturing Americans on what they’re tweeting about when his own network is exploiting teens who survived the shooting in Florida to push gun control, is a little much.

In the last week, journos on social media have all but called the president a traitor and accused Republicans of having blood on their hands from the shooting.

Journos in glass houses should not throw rocks, just sayin’.

Ken Gardner, an outspoken Conservative with many years in grassroots on Twitter, took it upon himself to call Tapper out:

Ken said what we did but in a way nicer and more legible fashion.




Why is Jake making this personal?


It seems Jake wants to go the ‘fighting’ insult route instead of actually debating which was what he was just complaining about, no?

In other words, Jake is saying, ‘You caught me so I’m shutting you off now so I can have the last word.’

See, we speak journo, but only to make fun of it.

*more popcorn*

See, we said that too.

Jake then went through tweets to find PROOF that Ken wasn’t being truthful in his argument, but this didn’t work out so well for him either.

Nope, he didn’t.

And absolutely no one is surprised.


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