Would someone please help Joy Reid off her soapbox? Thanks.



Joy and her ‘ilk’ will have to excuse us if we don’t take them all that seriously when it comes to yammering about ‘saving the children,’ when these same people were just fighting AGAINST a law that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks. How anyone can fight to keep what is basically infanticide legal and then turn around and blame the NRA for a school shooting where the FBI clearly dropped the ball is beyond us.

But then again, it is the Left we’re talking about, so never mind.

Yeah, it’s sickening for the Right to point out the Left’s hypocrisy.

Our bad.

Silly, they only really care about doing anything to stop these shootings when Trump is president. It’s funny (and not funny haha) how Democrats think we forget they did NOTHING to stop mass shootings when they had a majority, just like they did nothing with immigration.

They’d rather complain and campaign than actually fix anything.

Never forget that.


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