Full disclosure, this guy’s bio doesn’t say anything about him being a feminist, but if he’s not then actual feminists should really tear him apart for talking about organs men don’t have. Not to mention this is one of the dumbest (yet most rt’d and fav’d ) gun control tweets we’ve seen.

Nathan seems to think gun grabbers should rename schools as uteruses (uteri?) so Republicans will care about the children inside.

Because he’s a butt-nugget.

Dude. C’mon. Chelsea Handler is going to think you’re stealing her thunder for being the dumbest account on Twitter.

White male privilege.

Yup, this editor remembers waiting for MONTHS for her background check to pass so she could finally get her uterus.

Oh, well that totally takes the oomph out of his uterus argument. Psh.

And Lefties will figure out that owning a gun is a Constitutional right?

Pretty sure Nathan didn’t think about this tweet; ok, the uterus part tells you from the get-go he didn’t really think about it but it would appear that what he’s saying could be taken in a very dark way.

We’re going to say he doesn’t.

Probably the worst gun control argument we’ve seen, maybe ever.

Way to go, Nathan.


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