You guys remember Dan Arel, right? He’s the charmer who was babbling about how great people in North Korea have it, what with their free healthcare and such.

That didn’t go over so hot for the self-proclaimed ‘anarchist,’ which makes sense because you don’t see many anarchists giving shout-outs to oppressive, authoritarian dictatorships like North Korea. So when we saw him attempt to slam Tomi Lahren over the shooting at Parkland High School we weren’t surprised to see this tweet was almost as stupid as his one about North Korea.



He was responding to this:

Tomi asking gun control harpies to back off for 24 hours and let the facts come out and the families be notified.

Probably not too much to ask.

Don’t hold your breath.

No, no he can’t.

Seriously, if you look at his timeline it’s like he can’t help himself.

That or he’s just a troll.


Careful Dan, Planned Parenthood isn’t going to like you talking about them like that.


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