You know when a feminist takes the time to mention God in a tweet (and makes certain not to capitalize the word) that she is either really ticked off or super TRIGGERED.

Anne Helen Petersen seems awfully worked up because more women are choosing to stay home and raise their children.


We know, she’s trying to imply that having children is unfair to women or something, THAT or she’s trying to blame men for women having children and deciding to stay home … we’re not entirely sure what ticks feminists off these days.

Seems everything does, but we digress.

Is this person (don’t want to assume gender, ya’ know) saying we should pay moms to be moms?



If more women are choosing to stay home and raise their kids they are feeling the effects of being a mom, and it’s a WONDERFUL feeling. Otherwise fewer women would be making this choice. Feminists can’t seem to grasp that not all women agree with their views on the world and that real feminism is about embracing all aspects of being a woman, including being a mom.

Shhh. They need people to believe that women with the same education, experience, and skillset are being paid less than men because they have boobs.



So shocking.

We feel shocked.


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