We have come to the conclusion that there is no way Paul Nehlen is actually running for any office because only a brain-dead ass-nugget of a human being would think this is in ANY way appropriate for a candidate to post:

Seriously, Nehlen should just admit he’s a full-blown troll looking for attention on Twitter and stop wasting the good people of Wisconsin’s time. Although to be honest, we’re not sure any of them take him all that seriously anyway considering he lost by something like 80 points in 2016.

Twitter has not yet suspended Nehlen over this tweet or removed his fancy blue check which is fascinating considering how suspension-happy they have been with other accounts recently.



How long ya’ got?

He had this to say:

*eye roll*

David Duke probably thought it was HILARIOUS.

This does seem to be what Paul Nehlen is about though.

Imagine his bumper stickers!


Ooh ooh, we know!

He’ll just blame the Jews.

But then who would we make fun of?

‘Nuff said.

Full transparency, the editor of this piece is Catholic, not Jewish, and she still thinks Paul Nehlen is a serious toolbag who couldn’t get elected to dogcatcher even if he was the only one running.

Just thought we’d get that out of the way, you know, in case Nehlen decides he wants to whine that the ‘Jewish media’ is out to get him.


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