Full transparency, this editor covers a good deal of divisive content on Twitter; it’s usually the funniest and most Twitchy-worthy content to find a strong Conservative voice ‘schooling’ a lesser Lefty voice …

But S.E. Cupp brings up a valid point about her interview with Rep. Tim Ryan:

The Democrat’s greatest liability right now is Nancy Pelosi.

On that note, we feel like she should definitely keep talking but again, Cupp’s point has merit.

If we are all fighting, how are we doing anything to make this country better?

Seems some didn’t agree with Cupp’s idea:


Wonder if this person sees the irony of responding at all to Cupp if he or she thinks she shouldn’t be legitimized.

HA! Yeah, stop being rational, it’s boring.


AKA Twitter.


Double agreed.

Keep speaking up!




She was WAY nicer than we would have been but considering her whole point was a rational conversation and not bringing a chainsaw to a debate (ahem), her response is perfect.


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