And we thought Sarah Sanders made these morons crazy.

All Nikki Haley tweeted was that she enjoyed the Super Bowl half-time show and that Timberlake is talented, but the way the Left reacted you’d think she’d have tweeted photos of herself kicking puppies and starving orphans.

The nerve of Nikki to enjoy the show.

Nikki could tweet that water is wet and these people would lose their minds.

Check these maniacs out:

Riot Women.


Man, Twitter will give anyone a blue check, unless they are Conservative.

We can’t tell if this person is slamming Nikki for enjoying the show or Justin for being average.

Either way, give it a rest.


*eye roll*

You first.


We really hope Nikki doesn’t read the comments on her tweets …

but then again, some people really do adore her though (including us!)


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