For the most part, the Super Bowl ads were pretty meh and MOST of them avoided overly playing politics and getting too preachy with viewers … except for T-Mobile.

Look at this nonsense:

Yes, the babies are adorable but GIVE US A BREAK.

Just. Sell. Phones.

Granted, this ad by itself would be annoying (we get it T-Mobile, race, and gender don’t determine what we accomplish in life), but knowing the NFL allowed THIS ad while denying the #PleaseStand ad is infuriating.

Compare that SJW nonsense to this:

Please volunteer, please exercise your rights, please vote, please stand.


We can totally see why the NFL rejected that ad.

Oh, wait, no …

Note, none of them knelt.

They should have aired it.

Apparently asking people to stand and honor the military is political … or something.


When you put the T-Mobile ad next to the #PleaseStand ad, it tells you everything you need to know about what the NFL supports and doesn’t support.

And it’s weak AF, folks.


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