Republican Rep. Mark Meadows out of North Carolina really and sincerely stepped in it with his comments on ‘not sending a bad message’ with border security. He says he’s talked with Democrats about how having a border wall is offensive to some Latinos and is concerned …

No, we’re not making this up.


Don’t feed their narrative.

It is not racist in any way, shape or form to want our borders SECURED, and as a Republican, he should know better.

Silly, ain’t it?

Great idea! Let’s paint flowers, unicorns and pretty birdies all over the thing … but let’s build it.

Yeah, we totally offended that mugger when we wouldn’t let him steal our purse.

It honestly got SO bad for Meadows in social media that his spokesman piped up:

But it sounds like in his own statement he’s worried about offending illegal immigrants.

Then maybe that’s what he should have said because while he was busy being worried that a border wall might send a bad message to illegal immigrants, he managed to send a bad message to Americans.

Just sayin’.


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