According to Jim Acosta, a super secret special magical source ‘familiar’ with the McCabe matter claims his departure was a mutual decision because Trump was a big ol’ meanie and stuff.

No, we’re not making this up, read for yourself:

Poor McCabe, he was tired of being undermined … by whom exactly?

And gosh, wonder why the WH might not have been happy with him.

But Acosta has to make McCabe the victim here, otherwise, his narrative totally falls apart.

Actually, a source close to Acosta tells us his source close to the McCabe matter is a drunk unicorn who is wanted in five different states for selling stolen rainbows.

True story.

Acosta, super journo to the rescue!

It was McCabe’s barber’s neighbor’s best friend’s sister’s uncle’s brother’s mother’s boss … yeah, that’s the ticket.

He was tired of being undermined or something.

C’mon, he works for CNN, what else is he supposed to do?


But nice try, Jim.


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