Chelsea Handler just came back from spending a month skiing and reflecting on how crazy and awful the media cycle has been with President Trump in the White House. She even cried about wanting her ‘old life back.’

Then she tweeted this garbage at Trump this morning …

Chelsea, this just reads like someone who has completely lost any and all touch with reality wrote it.

Which makes perfect sense considering SHE is the one who came up with it.

So vile and so ugly to accuse Americans who do not want the government confiscating their guns of being ok with dead kids.

Chelsea couldn’t be more wrong if she tried … and she just keeps on trying.

Gun owners AND TRUMP are evil!

And if Chelsea did a basic search on Google, she’d find out very quickly that none of these gunmen have been NRA members. But the NRA has become a faceless villain she can blame for everything.

When she’s not blaming Trump.

She wants her old life back, don’cha know.

Then we might take her a little more seriously about her concerns for dead kids.



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