Earlier today, Twitchy spent a good chunk of time making fun of Chelsea Handler for ‘wanting her life back’ after returning from her skiing trip. Clearly, Handler is seriously roughing it and struggling to make it in Trump’s world.

Toxic news cycle.

Joy Reid?


Seems Ben Shapiro found it as funny as we did.

How can she even stand to get out of her bed in her million dollar house every day? OH THE HUMANITY of living in a country that has provided her a life of ease and plenty of money to do as she chooses.

Poor thing.

No wonder she complains so much.



Maybe Trump FORCED her to ski.

She works and she slaves, and what thanks does she get?

But she’s fighting for the little people.

Don’t worry! Her new favorite show is Joy Reid, so she’ll TOTALLY be up to speed on reality …

Moronic at the very least.

Yes, and toxic.

The struggle IS real.


TRUMP WINS AGAIN? Chelsea Handler hits ‘liberal trifecta’ with PATHETIC tweet on wanting her ‘life back’