The Left loses their minds every time Trump tweets, they’re almost like Pavlov’s Dogs at this point. Trump could ring a little bell and they’d come running, salivating and anxious to attack the president for whatever he tweets.

But this tweet, where Trump declared January 16 as ‘Religious Freedom Day’, REALLY freaked them out.

And it’s hilarious.

You know Trump had to know this tweet alone would cause many on the Left to simply combust in giant clouds of angry patchouli and glitter glue. Look at these people …

No one shall be free to worship as they choose! The Left says so.

Patrick seems … angry.

And he might need more fiber in his diet.

No. You’re wrong.

But thanks for stopping by.

You know she’s a blast at birthday parties.

Because that’s not what the ban is banning, chief.

Seriously. Seriously?

But sweetie, that doesn’t stop the Left from trying to suppress that right every day.

That moment when you roll your eyes so far back in your head you can see behind you.

He didn’t specify any one religion.

These people are so put upon, however do they manage to even get out of bed every day?


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