President Trump was given a physical by Dr. Ronny Jackson last week, and today Jackson made some of the results public. In short, he said that Trump is in excellent health, and as far as the much-talked-about cognitive issues go, Jackson has no concerns.

At most, Jackson said Trump could benefit from a diet.

We were going to say there’s no way that narrative is dead, but it might appear that way, as this week’s news cycle is dedicated to Trump’s apparent racism and not his mental fitness. We’re sure it’ll come up again, though.

He scored 30 out of 30? Maybe he really is a “very stable genius.”

Remember the concerns raised when it seemed the president was slurring his words?

In other news, the president doesn’t sleep — he really is up all night tweeting.

In other important news, CNN actually was called on during the press conference — Jim Acosta even got called on twice!

Rosie O’Donnell and friends might want to sit down for this next clip:

You just know they’re all thinking it …

And yes, this is the same physician who examined Barack Obama.


Is CNN’s Brian Stelter really comparing Oprah’s and Trump’s WEIGHT?