Jake Tapper interviewed Sen. Dick Durbin about the comments he claims Trump made about Haiti and other countries in a WH meeting. It looks like he’s been crying, sorta like Cory Booker, right?

They’re just so UPSET about what Trump said that others are saying he didn’t say.

And luckily Durbin wouldn’t call Trump a racist (but he basically did).


Reminder, Durbin has a history of lying about comments made during WH meetings but that’s not even what’s so amusing here. Tapper flat out asks him if he thinks Trump is racist, and he says he won’t say that BUT …

Durbin’s got a big ol’ ‘but’ in this video, just sayin’.

It’s whatever tone Durbin decides is racist that day.

So basically he says he won’t call Trump a racist while he calls him one.

Dude can really talk out of both sides of his mouth, eh?

Editor’s note: Yesterday it came to this editor’s attention that some people believe our calling Sen. Dick Durbin, Dicky Durbin, somehow inspired the president’s new nickname for him. We can neither confirm nor deny this, but it did make us laugh. A lot.


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