Oh boy.

Doc Thompson in all his infinite wisdom decided to ask the good people of Twitter to come up with new tourism slogans for Haiti on the hashtag #NewHaitiTourismSlogan and WOWZA, they came up with some excellent ones. And hey, you’d think an increase in tourism would be good for a country, whether or not it’s a sh*thole, right?

No? Heh.

Here are some of the best slogans under #NewHaitiTourismSlogan:

Oh GEEZ … and EL OH EL.

Not a bad idea considering how nasty the current flu bug is going around the states.

Whoohoo! Let’s hear it for big government.


Careful, this will piss Bill Clinton off and then he’ll tweet about it being a personal insult to him, his wife, and daughter.

*eye roll*

Hey, don’t look at us, we didn’t tweet it.



Sorry Kris, we had to.


Surely Haiti wanted Chelsea to have a beautiful wedding gown more than they wanted that boring old hospital, right?


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