Yesterday after some Hawaiin pushed a magic button that sent out an emergency alert that a missile was inbound, many people on the Left were looking for any and every way to blame Trump.

Even though Trump had nothing to do with this accident and states are responsible for their own emergency systems.

And really, it’s adorable watching the Left pretend they understand the first thing about Defense or what America should do if we are ever (God forbid) under attack. Like this article from POLITICO:


“The U.S. government hasn’t tested these plans in 30 years,” said the senior administration official involved in the White House response. “All the fresh faces sitting around the table in the situation room have little idea what their roles would be in this scenario. The bottom line is that without a principals-level exercise we shouldn’t have any confidence that the Cabinet would know what to do in an attack scenario.”

Mattis is fresh-faced? Kelly? McMaster? Kellogg? Waddell?


Sarah Sanders dropped the hammer on this cute little story:

We doubt they would either.

Maybe they missed it but Mattis is polite but he always has a plan to kill everyone he meets.

Pretty sure fresh-faced is the LAST thing he is.

That might actually be their new official name.

And as usual, Sanders triggered a whole lot of stupid with her tweet:


They’re so friendly.

Yes, the POLITICO piece was useless puffery.

She was addressing how these generals were not fresh-faced … you know what, never mind.

These people.


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