After endorsing her psychologist’s book earlier this week, we’re not entirely sure Chelsea Handler has ANY room to talk about Trump’s sanity.

That, of course, didn’t stop her from flapping her gums in a panic-manic tweet about exploding heads and impeachment:



Russia Russia Russia!

Trump’s head will explode.

Ok, how high or inebriated was she when she wrote this?

Hey now, it’s ok when people who agree with them politically say crazy shitznit, it’s just when someone like Trump does that they lose it.

So, this guy is a comedian.

And yikes, he should tell us how he REALLY feels about Chelsea.

It’s as if they don’t understand who would be president if Trump IS impeached.

They just don’t get it, these sorts of ridiculous tweets only fuel Trump and his base.

Chelsea is literally campaigning for him and she doesn’t realize it.

Bet that would drive her even crazier.


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