When the GOP passed tax reform, giving roughly four out of five Americans a tax cut, they did it without the necessary 60 votes to make them permanent because we all know Democrats HATE IT when people keep more of their own money.

Otherwise, why wouldn’t they have supported tax reform that has resulted in raised wages, lowered bills and bonuses for millions of Americans? At this point with the news breaking seemingly every other day about a corporation doing something awesome for its employees and/or customers, Dems just look like petty little bitches playing politics.

So it’s no wonder Cruz is calling them out:

C’mon Bernie, put up or shut up.

Wouldn’t count on it, chief.

And per usual, Cruz tweets and the stupid just OOZES out of the cracks of Twitter:

They’re not Trump’s tax cuts … you know what, never mind.

Oh NOEZ, not a bunch of hashtags!


We’re still not sure if any of these people actually read the bill.

Cruz is trying to save his job by asking Dems to make tax cuts permanent?



Democrats wouldn’t support the bill … so if you’re not happy then yell at the Democrats. This reminds us of the CHIP funding that Republicans tried to provide back in NOVEMBER.

And no, he probably won’t.

Stupid of this level really should be painful.

Just sayin’.

Uh-oh, this one has a black fist. He or she means business.


Yeah, we just can’t.


EVERYONE RUN! Latest ‘tax cuts carnage’ is SURELY a sign of the ARMAGEDDON Nancy Pelosi promised