Bette Midler thought she was being funny posting this video of herself reading Michael Wolff’s book, but our nightmares are not amused.

Who sits around in full makeup in a ski cap reading a book in bed?

Wait. Never mind.

And wow, serious amounts of yikes.

To be perfectly honest, we had to check several times to make sure this was actually Ms. Midler because we couldn’t believe she would post such an unbecoming video of herself on purpose.

But yup, that’s her.

Not to mention it’s editing leaves much to be admired, but that’s another story.

See what we did there?

Dude, is it just us or does Wolff look like Lex Luthor with some serious silicone in his lips?

Except ‘Beaches,’ that one makes this editor cry EVERY time.

Oh, Cyndi. And we thought girls just wanted to have fun.

Posting this video wasn’t very bright, in our humble opinion.

But hey, what do we know, we only work here.

We’re not sure she’s acting.


So THIS is embarrassing: Editing in Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ is HILARIOUSLY bad