So, was this Trump or Sarah Sanders trolling the briefing room? Because you know heads would totally explode everywhere over this message from a ‘special guest’ that Sanders shared during this ‘briefing’.


Then she says, ‘Thank you Mr. President!’

ZOMG. Free Beacon, you cheeky monkey.

Notice CNN’s ‘headline’ below the video as it plays, ‘President claims the Resistance is destroyed (it’s not).’

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

This is trolling at it’s best.

Or worst, depending on how you look at trolling.

And seriously, these people so have it coming.


And a little woke as well.

It’s something.

We are willing to bet plenty of people made this exact same face when they saw this.

Good times.


So damn GOOD! Sarah Sanders shuts the media DOWN with Trump/Obama Iran comparison