One of our favorite things on Twitter is when a progressive like Kamala Harris blathers on and on about some agenda item and accidentally steps on the throat of their own narrative. With the amount of nonsense they all spew it’s bound to happen at least once a day, like this tweet from Kamala about the evil for-profit prison business.

We can’t let corporations keep exploiting human lives for profit, eh?

Agreed. So let’s defund Planned Parenthood STAT.

Who knew Kamala was pro-life?

Pretty sure they’d stop donating money to her if she actually gave a damn about corporations exploiting human life for money.

Nope, at least not on purpose.

Ha! Democrats are still really pissed at her over Al Franken.

That’s awesome.


Because they are campaign sound bites, Kamala is already running for president.

Such good little socialists follow her.

Says so much.


She’s going to bitch about it on Twitter, duh.


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