During today’s ‘briefing,’ President Trump made an appearance that seemed to trigger his adoring fans in the media.

You know Trump knew this would freak them all out.

Is this master-level trolling or what?

We’re not entirely sure how Sanders kept a straight face.

Do you blame him?

They all seem so upset as if Trump owes them something.

He doesn’t.

Yeah, we know it’s absolutely childish but this kinda sorta made us laugh.

These media types are so intimidating.

Wait, no they’re not, never mind.

This is the media, folks. Bickering like a bunch of mean high school girls on Twitter. And they wonder why the president doesn’t give them the time of day? Why no one really takes them seriously when it comes to reporting the news?

It is disgraceful and laughable, sort of like the media in general.


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