Sounds like Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the Oscars.


C’mon, it’ll be a blast to watch Kimmel and Hollywood lecture middle America about sexism and racism for four-five hours, right? Can’t wait to hear the same people who ignored Weinstein’s abuse of women (and houseplants) tell us how important it is for us to believe victims of sexual harassment.

Huh, like us, Mary Katharine Ham seems less than impressed with the choice of Jimmy Kimmel to host the Oscars.

And BOOM, we love her new nickname for him, Pope Jimmy.

Juggies … EL OH EL.

Good point. Most Americans won’t be watching anyway so really, does it matter who they choose to host their show?

So they can stand up in front of their peers and pretend they’re super brave for speaking out, even though they’re speaking out in a giant echo chamber of elitism.



Wonder if he’ll bring his infant child to the show to try and shame middle America for not wanting to be forced to buy crappy health insurance.

If a Liberal bitches in the woods and there is no one around to hear him … he’ll bitch anyway.

Pope Jimmy.



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