Would appear several former Obama lackeys are a little fussy over the POLITICO piece Josh Meyer wrote about Obama and Hezbollah. Guess it’s hard for them to know how to react when a media outlet that’s NOT Fox News treats Obama like a former president and not the Messiah.

Poor little fellas.


See for yourself:

Uh-oh, Tommy seems upset. But since he wasn’t brave enough to actually tag the author of the piece, this is just a pretty weak ass subtweet. Luckily Meyer was either made aware of the tweet or came across it because he responded.

Good question.

Ummm …

Keep pushing him, Josh.

Oh, the ‘he said she said’ defense is adorable, especially when this guy was just complaining about unknown sources in Meyer’s article.

That’s what echo chambers do, they protect people inside from having to think about other ideas or listen to other viewpoints. Obamaites are famous for their elaborate echo chambers.

Nothing personal, just trying to smear you and your article by implying you’re a liar and stuff. Happy holidays.

What a schmuck.

Then this TFG:

When you’re using Huffington Post to smear POLITICO you might be running out of echo chambers.

Because Josh, you failed to kiss his king’s ring and dared to write something less than flattering about him. When media outlets start telling the truth, Obama minions get nasty.

Real nasty.


And seriously, Ned, this is a POLITICO journo, not Fox News.

This oughta be good.

Notice Ned didn’t really answer his question.


Ned didn’t answer this tweet either.

In case you missed the story the Obama Bros are squawking about:



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