Is there anything sadder than watching David Frum white knight for Jennifer Ruben?

We haven’t checked Chelsea Handler’s timeline yet today so there could be something sadder there, but this is pretty damn pathetic.

Frum seems to be taking issue with a piece about Jennifer Rubin written by Charles C.W. Cooke and published by National Review Online.

From The Atlantic:

On Monday morning the conservative media world woke up to a savagely personal attack in National Review upon the Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. The outburst might seem a textbook case of the narcissism of petty differences within the conservative world. Both the author of the denunciation, Charles C.W. Cooke, and its target, Jennifer Rubin, are right-leaning Trump skeptics. What on earth could they be arguing about? And does it matter?

I think it does—a lot.

Savagely personal, that’s cute.

Almost feels like there’s some history with Frum and Cooke …


Hey look, it’s a Twitchy article.

And here’s a tweet:

Wanna talk about savagely personal?

Doesn’t get more savagely personal than accusing someone’s beliefs of causing the horror in Newtown.

Stay classy, Frum.

But Trump?

Shhh, he’s white knighting.


Yup, Frum basically proved Cooke right.

Oh, the irony.

Quoting Trump, ‘Sad!’


DAMN, this thread takes Charles C.W. Cooke’s DECIMATION of Jennifer Rubin to the next LEVEL

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