Since ‘The Last Jedi’ came out last week, the only Twitter more annoying than Star Wars Twitter may be Chelsea Handler’s Twitter. And considering how awful her Twitter is, you know it’s not good over in Star Wars fandom world.

Dana Perino nailed it:

It ain’t pretty.

But the reactions to Dana’s tweet definitely have the force with them.

Now that’s just rude.

Full transparency, this editor is a huge Trekkie. #KirkForever

You would be correct.


Quiet you.

Because it IS.

Star Wars Twitter may be the worst, but it definitely has some of the funniest animated gifs.

Is that a slice of pizza?

Help us, Obi-Wan, you’re our only hope.

You never know what the Trump administration might have in the works, man.

Not, she is.

Wait, that didn’t really work.

Speaking Yoda-ese is harder than we realized.



And curtain.


The force was NOT with him: Mary Katharine Ham blasted Mark Hamill, and it only took 3 WORDS