Between Mark Hamill being a dolt on his own with this tweet about Ajit Pai (Mark really should stay out of politics) and Ted Cruz handing him is lightsaber in a brutal way soon after, this tweet has become somewhat famous.

And for all the wrong reasons, so maybe it’s more infamous.

And yeah, Cruz nailed him pretty good but in our humble opinion, Mary Katharine Ham did far more damage to Mark’s silly tweet in just one tweet, with three little words.


On that note, Jedis aren’t real either and honestly we’re starting to question if maybe Mark Hamill is a figment of George Lucas’s imagination.

It would explain a lot about this latest movie … oh settle down, haters. Ha!

Poor John Williams!

Yeah, we don’t wanna know.

Luke, who’s your daddy now?


The force only knows.


Ted Cruz CRUSHES #resist leader Mark Hamill during #NetNeutrality debate