Like other feminists, it seems Amanda Marcotte either forgets that there are Conservative women who are impacted by various women’s issues, or that she deliberately ignores them. And maybe she missed it, but when the #MeToo ‘movement’ erupted on Twitter, it wasn’t just women and it wasn’t just progressives using the tag and telling their stories.

But then again, that totally goes against Marcotte’s agenda so it’s no wonder she wrote this crap:

Super compelling.

According to Marcotte though, Emily doesn’t exist and eventually, some sort of backlash against #MeToo is coming from her soon, because she’s a Conservative.

Like other progressives, especially feminists, Marcotte needs to keep pushing the ‘us versus them’ portion of her narrative.


Perhaps this gal should tweet this to Amanda.

It’s not, but she desperately needs to pretend it is so progressives can campaign on this message in 2018 and pretend Conservatives are all predators and misogynists.


She’s such a super sleuth.

And we’re ONTO her.


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