What is it about successful, beautiful women that makes the Left hate them so much? We don’t get it. Taylor Swift has been absolutely BRILLIANT for keeping her political views to herself; have you seen the train wreck that’s become of Chelsea Handler’s career?

When Taylor stays quiet, the Left attacks her for not speaking up. And then when she dared admit she had a great 2017, they lost their damn minds.

No no, how about YOU shut up, Jezebel.

Some of us had an amazing 2017, like Jenna Jameson.

Nobody triggers SJWs as much as Taylor Swift, except maybe Jenna Jameson.

Get ’em, Jenna.

Jezebel seems to have a perpetual stick up their backside.

And speaking of people having a perpetual stick up their backside:

Don’t you just love progressive women?

PS: We’re not a Democracy.

Gold star for the ‘your mom’ joke, Jenna.



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