Like so many other ‘entertainers,’ poor Bette Midler can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is her president. Sorry lady but it’s time to suck it up because millions of us had to accept that Obama was our president for eight long years.

And as much as we didn’t care for him, it was rare that a well-known actor or actress on the Right (and there are plenty) said such things about Obama:

Whoo boy, now that’s a classy tweet. Someone should tell her that dropping an f-bomb doesn’t make her tweet any more impactful and that fat-shaming went out in 2015.

Not to mention that Bette is an entertainer. DERP.

Considering Democrats ran a puffy old white woman who was about as likable as a root canal, Bette probably should avoid any and all attacks on Trump’s appearance.

The irony is thicker than a bag of flour on the bottom of the ocean.


‘Government is not ENTERTAINMENT,’ says the entertainer tweeting about government.

But man, these entertainers sure do think it is.

And that’s why he’ll win again in 2020.

Way to go, Bette.


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