The ACLU is officially a joke. And not a funny one.

What the Hell is abortion care? Ending a life is the opposite of care so this may well be the dumbest tweet ever sent on abortion, and that is monumental considering how stupid the ACLU is in general when it comes to discussing abortion.

Nice try softening up the language, disingenuous hacks.

Nothing says ‘care’ like murdering an innocent, tiny life in the womb. Yup.

Funn how that works. When the baby is ‘wanted,’ it’s a baby. When it’s not, it quickly becomes a fetus or just another clump of cells.

History will not look kindly on this country when it comes to this issue.

Fair point.

#LoveThemBoth. We kinda sorta love that hashtag.

Welcome to modern-day progressives.

Gross ain’t it?


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