With rumors flying that the Trump administration may fire Mueller (keyword being RUMORS), several doughy, emotional, overly-reactive, wussy, man-babies started a ‘movement’ about how they will take to the streets if Mueller is fired.

THERE’S GONNA BE A REVOLUTION UP IN HERE, with lots of glitter, patchouli, lattes, and bullhorns because they are gonna TAKE IT TO THE STREETS.

Surely no one takes this nonsense seriously. What are they gonna do? Knit vagina hats, chant curse words at us, and cry when we point and laugh?

Oh, and speaking of pointing and laughing:

Patton finally said something funny! Yay for him.

And make sure they have plenty of Starbucks gift cards and phone chargers!

Seriously, we lol’d.

Don’t you love how the Left plans to rise up? All sorts of sites to visit, all sorts of lists to make, all sorts of ‘gear’ to stock up on. That’s how you know they really won’t do anything – when Americans revolted against the King of England they didn’t pass around a piece of parchment with pretty pictures on it asking people to sign up and we’re pretty sure they weren’t concerned about bringing a phone charger.

So adorable.

Dude, please don’t encourage him.


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