As Twitchy readers know, CAIR released a statement from Akayed Ullah’s family that stated they were sorta sorry about him trying to kill thousands of people in the subway but were super pissed about the way law enforcement handled the situation.

Yeah, this went over like a wet sack filled with bricks …

This morning, the Sergeants Benevolent Association for the NYPD basically mud-stomped CAIR and this family’s so-called statement:

Too bad, get over it!

Hell yeah.

Seriously. Their family member was found with burns on his body and admitted he chose the subway because he was inspired by ISIS and he hated the Christmas posters. And they’re outraged about the way law enforcement did their jobs?

Cry us a river.

Mother of all truth bombs, RIGHT HERE.

Thank you for protecting Americans. Yes.

You’d think someone at CAIR would have said, ‘Hey guys, you know what? Whining about the outraged family after this guy just tried to kill thousands of people in a subway over Christmas posters might not be the best plan.”

Just sayin’.


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