Gosh, the family of would-be suicide bomber Akayed Ullah is upset with how law enforcement responded to their degenerate family member trying to kill hundreds (maybe thousands) of people on the NYC subway because of Christmas posters?

Color us NOT sympathetic.

Only in NYC.

How dare law enforcement try and figure out why some POS terrorist wannabe tried to kill thousands of people yesterday. The nerve.


The cops were rude after our family member failed to blow himself and the NYC subway up doesn’t exactly appeal to the general public.


Someone get Ullah’s family some tissue, please.

Everything is stupid and nothing matters.

Yay 2017.

Yup, THEY were outraged.

They are the REAL victims, right?

Oh and about those ‘allegations’ against their family member?

In the end, you know what NYC should have said?

Mic drop.


Family of accused pipe-bomber is heartbroken, saddened … and also outraged at law enforcement