So this tweet from Trump might be questionable. But then again, when aren’t his tweets questionable? And granted, it’s mean-spirited but Gillibrand did just call for him to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct. What did she expect, rainbows and butterflies?

Guess he took it a tad bit personally.

Probably should have left out ‘and would do anything for them,’ but there’s nothing wrong with Trump calling out Gillibrand for being a huge hypocrite, especially with the dozens and dozens of photos of her campaigning with Bill Clinton.

The tweet sure got Alyssa Milano’s attention:



Full disclosure, this editor laughed when she read this tweet. Not the most sympathetic to the hysteria coming from Hollywood, especially when it’s Alyssa Milano who has been standing by her good friend and Weinstein enabler, Georgina Chapman.

Oh, and one other thing. Wasn’t Brian Stelter just whining about how Trump was targeting another journo on Twitter by mentioning him?

Alyssa has been oddly silent about Conservative women who have been attacked, yes.

Go figure.


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