Earlier this morning, Donald Trump sent this tweet about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the Twitters lost its damn mind.

You almost have to wonder why he chose today of all days to tweet something he knew would distract everyone (including Twitchy, ha!) for the day. Could it be that he’s giving cover to Roy Moore so we’re not spending the day talking about the controversial election in Alabama?

And on its own, it’s pretty bad.

But Patton Oswalt took it upon himself to make it even worse.

C’mon Patton, that was bad even for you.

The amount of time these people spend trying to out-do Trump is seriously getting pathetic.

But hey, it gives us lots and lots to write about.

How dare the little people question the mighty comedian and his jokes!

Aaaaaaand not everyone who thought his joke was stupid is alt-right.

But hey, ‘Trump bad’ and stuff.

Her joke is FAR funnier than Patton’s, maybe he could learn a thing or two from the little people.


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