Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been a busy gal on Twitter today bickering with the president of the United States because they’ve all turned into daytime television drama on social media.

It’s true.

They’re more interesting than ‘our stories’ used to be.

And after Trump insinuated that Kirsten was willing to do anything for a campaign contribution things got seriously LIT:

Gotten off the sidelines, that’s adorbs. Considering how many weeks she and several other female senators did nothing about the allegations against Al Franken instead dodging questions about him and saying it was his decision to make.

Only once they figured out they needed to kick Franken for political reasons did they do a damn thing; and his supporters know that.


Wow, Kirsten.

Not to mention how many decades they allowed Bill Clinton to slide by:

And then it just went downhill. Fast.

Like we said, move over soap operas.



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